Hugo Award Nominations Are Open!

Hugo LogoThe Hugo Award nominations are now open! If you are a Hugo-nominating-type person, please do me the honor of considering one of my articles in the Best Related Work category. Of all of my work last year, there are two pieces that make me particularly proud:

This Fantasy Might Save Your Life: Tony Kushner’s Angels in America” was an early entry in my column, TBR Stack. I look back at Kushner’s groundbreaking epic on its 25th anniversary, highlighting the play’s status as a fantasy and looking at its lasting emotional power. This article is one of the most personal pieces I’ve ever written.

Giving History a Better Ending: Marvel, Terrorism, and the Aftermath of 9/11” delves into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s relationship to the iconography of terrorism. This one took a bit of research, requiring me to re-watch all the films in the MCU, plus all of the (pre-Defenders) Marvel/Netflix shows, while reading their uses of imagery and exploring the way they use collective grief to tell a giant, interlocking story.

Thank you as always for reading!

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