Leah Schnelbach is a staff writer for and the Fiction Editor of No Tokens journal. Her fiction appears in Volume 1 Brooklyn, Madcap Review, The Boiler, Anamesa, and Lumina (where her story, “Bracelet,“ received an Honorable Mention in Lumina’s 2013 Fiction Contest, judged by George Saunders), and her criticism has appeared in Speculative Fiction 2015, The Crooked Timber Symposium, and Electric Literature.

In 2017 Leah attended the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop, where she studied with Naomi Jackson, author of The Star Side of Bird Hill. Leah is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College’s MFA Program in Fiction, where she worked with Brian Morton, Joan Silber, Nelly Reifler, and David Hollander. While at Sarah Lawrence she served as Assistant Fiction Editor for Lumina, led writing workshops for middle schoolers in Queens and high schoolers on the Lower East Side, taught an after-school comics workshop in Harlem, and inaugurated a walking tour of New York’s independent book shops for incoming SLC MFA students.

In previous lives Leah has worked with the Center for Independent Publishing, co-directed the Education Department for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, received an M.A. in Religious Studies from NYU, and written serious academic papers on Harry Potter’s place in the literary canon while earning a B.A. from New College of Florida.

She lives in Manhattan with her partner and large collection of neuroses. Turn-ons include redheads, good espresso, and the Oxford comma. Turn-offs include Objectivism, snoring, and the death of the author.

2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Walker Wells

    I just wanted to say thanks for putting into words my own feelings about the movie Constantine. Really well done. What’s the best place for me to follow your writing? I’d be especially interested in your fiction work. Keep it up.

  2. Adam

    Hello, I just read your article on joe versus the volcano and I think it was awesome. I was also wondering if you seen any connections to other movies outside of groundhog day, ( maybe shawshank redemption?). Also i would absolutely love to read your thoughts on the burbs, ( one of my favorite Hanks films) since you mentioned it, and after really enjoying your insights on volcano. Your a great writer by the way and I look forward to reading more of your work
    Adam Callahan


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