Our time was spent hiding from the sun. As the light lengthened and mellowed from white to gold, we would go out into the yard, down to the canal. Split for 7-Eleven once it got too dark to see snakes. On the walk to 7-Eleven we’d rush from one yellow puddle of streetlight to the next, pretending monsters and pedophiles lurked in the darkness between.

I said monsters.

Chloë said pedophiles.

He looked down at the still face. He looked back up at the ceiling. The plaster was patterned into crosses, each arm meeting in a flower. He stared at the petals so long it began to look like they were unfolding, blooming above him.

“January 1st”, Madcap Review (July 2017)

Her heart flipped; she’d never been in an emergency. Should she get dressed? She heard someone yell in the hall. This was real. The fear was a flood; she went from fine to shaking as she wrapped herself in a towel. No one had knocked or tried to warn her.

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Shane’s leaving is right there in his name, like a genetic disease waiting to manifest in a child. So why did finding his note tear through me so bad?

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Honorable Mention for Glimmer Train‘s 2018 “Family Matters” Contest

Finalist for the Black Warrior Review‘s 2017 Fiction Prize, judged by Nicola Griffith

Honorable Mention for Lumina‘s 2012 Fiction Contest, judged by George Saunders


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