In my life I have been:

  • A janitor
  • A file clerk (briefly)
  • A cashier (Eckerd Drugs)
  • A deli/bakery worker (A dingy establishment known as Kash’n’Karry)
  • A deli worker (A gleaming establishment known as Publix)
  • An English tutor (this happened a few times)
  • An English Department secretary (Manatee Community College)
  • A car washer (I was performer of the month at The Eager Beaver)
  • A health food del/café cook/manager (The Health Nut)
  • An ice cream slinger (Ben & Jerry’s)
  • A dog washer (Pampered Pets)
  • A daycare worker
  • A private nanny
  • A health food deli worker (briefly)
  • An ice cream slinger (Emack & Bolio’s)
  • A Graduate Teaching Assistant (NYU)
  • An art supply slinger (RIP Pearl Paint)
  • A tutor (after-school program)
  • An editorial assistant (fashion mag)
  • A contract wrangler (licensing agency)
  • A gallery manager (comics museum)
  • An education department head (comics museum)
  • An event coordinator (comics museum; indie publishing outfit; lit journal)
  • An assistant director (indie publishing outfit)
  • An interim director (indie publishing outfit)
  • An editorial assistant (Random House)
  • A writing teacher (middle school)
  • A writing teacher (high school)
  • A writing teacher (comics after-school program)
  • A writing teacher (theater after-school program)
  • A copy-editor (Freelancers Union)
  • A copy-editor/writer (private clients)
  • A fiction editor (No Tokens)
  • A writer (
  • A writer (my giant stupid novel)

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